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Following 20 years of working with couples impacted by neurodiversity, I am a highly qualified bespoke couples coach in Central London, Brighton or online for couples experiencing issues brought about by Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

ADHD causes a form of thinking and behaviour that, if not understood and engaged with properly, can lead to conflict, misunderstanding, and miscommunication. It impacts both partners. By drawing on the cutting-edge work of Melissa Orlov, I help couples improve the way they deal with issues that arise by facilitating deeper understanding.

If you are looking for bespoke couples coach in Central London, Brighton or online who specialises in couples impacted by ADHD, get in touch.

How ADHD impacts a relationship

ADHD impacted couples can experience a range of relationship difficulties. For example:

For the person with ADHD, they may feel that they are being constantly nagged or criticised. It may feel difficult to meet their partner’s standards. Conversely , their partner will often experience a sense of “not being good enough” as they walk on eggshells in the couple dynamic. Both are having similar experiences but for different reasons and this is where the misunderstandings come.

As a trained third party I work with you both to gain insight, knowledge understanding and management of the differences.

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How Couples Coaching will help

Good communication is at the heart of a healthy relationship. We will work together to improve communication on both sides, allowing you to develop the tools required to respond more positively to the challenges in your relationship and move forward.

What to Expect from Couples Coaching for ADHD

You might be referred to me by any ADHD specialist you may be seeing, or perhaps heard of me through another relationship counsellor.

Our work together starts with an initial consultation, allowing you to share your particular challenges relating to communication. This helps me understand your current relationship dynamic and the issues you need to deal with.

We will gain an understanding of your relationship goals and, together, start on a programme of work adapted specifically to your relationship’s needs. This will begin with putting in place changes that allow for the quickest improvements to occur, ahead of working on longer-term strategies to ensure the maintenance of a healthy balance in your relationship.

The Outcome

  • You will come to understand which relationship challenges might be linked to ADHD.
  • Both of you will come to recognise and accept your part in the relationship difficulties.
  • As a couple, you will learn tactics to help reduce conflict and anger, as well as identifying each other’s boundaries.
  • You will each learn the necessary skills for good communication. This will, in turn, increase the harmony in your relationship.
  • You will have an agreed set of relationship goals, a realistic plan, and acquired the necessary tools to get there.

Do you require bespoke couples coaching in Central London, Brighton, or online? If so, please fill out the booking form to arrange an initial consultation.

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