Specialist in Neurodiversity

If you are a couple-impacted by neurodiversity, I provide the bespoke couples coaching in Central London, Brighton or online that you need.

I have over 20 years of experience in working with couples affected by neurodiversity, so I understand your relationship situation and the unique challenges you face. In cases of relationships with someone on the autistic spectrum, it is vitally important that therapy is adapted to their specific needs, as traditional therapy methods often fail to recognise the impact that autistic spectrum conditions can have on a couple.

Please get in touch with me directly or fill out the contact form to ask any further questions about my style of bespoke couples coaching in Central London, Brighton or online for neurodiverse couples.

How Austistic Spectrum Conditions can impact relationships

Autistic spectrum conditions, including Asperger’s (High Functioning Autism), affect relationships. They impact both how individuals see the world and their interaction with others.

The impact autistic spectrum conditions have on a relationship can be tremendous and are specific to each couple.

When autistic spectrum conditions are present, it can feel like you are speaking a slightly different language to your partner. This can result in feelings of isolation and loneliness.

I’ll work with you both to understand the condition, improve communication, and strengthen your connection.

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What To Expect From Couples Coaching for Autistic Spectrum Conditions

You might be referred to me by any autism specialist you may be seeing, or perhaps heard of me through another relationship counsellor.

Our work together starts with an initial consultation, allowing you to share your particular challenges relating to communication. This helps me understand your current relationship dynamic and the issues you need to deal with.

We will gain an understanding of your relationship goals and, together, start on a programme of work adapted specifically to your relationship’s needs.

Outcome of Couples Coaching for Autistic Spectrum Conditions

You will both gain practical tools and techniques to navigate the complexities of autism spectrum conditions in your relationship and communicate your needs more effectively.

This will result in a better understanding of what this means practically for both of you, allowing both parties to better fulfil one another’s needs.

Ongoing Support

I will supply ongoing support over Zoom or FaceTime in between sessions and, if required, after our treatment programme has concluded.

I am a specialist in providing bespoke couples coaching in Central London, Brighton and online for couples impacted by autistic spectrum conditions. So, if you need help in this area, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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